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The Aquaturbo® AER-SL submersible aerator is an equipment for aeration and agitation of water.


Aeration and agitation in urban wastewater tanks, industrial in general, lakes and ponds.


The Aquaturbo® AER-SL submersible aerator is installed submerged. It sucks in the air through a pipe and then, it injects it into the water.

The Screwpeller® type impeller generates the necessary suction for the aspiration of air, which after passing through the vacuum chamber, is distributed to the entire tank by the action of the Screwpeller® itself.


Standard construction material in AISI 304L or AISI 316L on request.
Power range between 1.1 and 22 Kw.
Vacuum chamber and Screwpeller® anti clogging.
Standard submersible motor, available with single or double speed.


– Float system.
– Double speed motors.


– Good oxygen transfer and agitation in wastewater with high concentrations of suspended solids.
– Can be adapted to most tanks, regardless of their dimensions.
– Simple installation, it is not necessary to empty the tank or install special elements.
– Low maintenance and low noise level.
– Robust and compact design.
– It is ideal for aeration and generation of a directional flow.
– Usable for shallow lakes and tanks.

Product ranges

Aquaturbo AER-SL
Aquaturbo AER-SL
Aquaturbo AER-SL
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